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To the girl who feels like she will never find her happy ever after.

Maybe your happy ever after is just finding that someone you love. Or maybe it’s a bit more than that. Maybe it’s a house or a family. Everyone’s will look different and there is no right or wrong.

If you are longing for something. A dream. A desire. Then this one is just for you.

It's hard waiting for something right? And it's normally in the waiting when it seems like everyone else around you is nearing closer to their happily ever after. I feel for you… Some people are even achieving exactly what you dream to achieve right in front of your eyes…

Can I just say you are not alone… there are so many ladies out there waiting just like you are. 

Sometimes, we think that once we achieve what we have dreamed of we will be finished with wanting more or waiting… but the truth really is that we will always want more and we will always feel like we are waiting for something. So, remember that person in front of you gaining all that you want… I bet they still feel like they are waiting for more

Take it from me, a 24-year-old girl who has married the man of her dreams and is just about to have her 3rd baby all before I am 25. I am happy and yes I feel like I have fulfilled a lot of my happy ever after but each day I still want more and I still desire more. I would love to move overseas and experience a different culture with the kids. I sometimes want it so bad that I forget what I once wished for. Just to be a mum. You would think I would be content.

My point is this; I know you are waiting for the thing you think will complete your world but the truth is it won't. It's in the waiting and in the mundane tasks in life that we should find fulfillment. I am not saying to stop dreaming because that’s one of the most important things we can do. What I am saying is don’t lose sight of what you already have and start living in disappointment because what you ‘dream of’ has not happened. It WILL happen so you might as well live as tho your fairy-tale has already come. And even when you do find your partner or do have your kids or do travel or do buy a house or do become that CEO you will be so satisfied with all you have achieved before it.

Don’t stop your world just for your happy ever after… because maybe there isn’t a clear point where you reach you’re a happy ever after… maybe each day is your happy ever after because without the day that you are living right now your next day won't come.  Every moment and the word you speak counts in life.

Ah, and don't you dare underestimate the thoughts you are thinking. Negative ones and positive ones. They are powerful! you play a HUGE roll in how you live your life. Your thoughts will dictate your actions. What is in always comes out. Correct your thinking. Change your mindset.

If you feel like you have given up maybe you should get back on the train again and start dreaming and living each day in fairy-tale land.  Why not. Don't wait for it all to be perfect before you do. You have too much ahead of you to just wait around. Girls are not born to wait around. We are leaders.

To the girl who feels like she will never find her happy ever after and is done with feeling disappointed in the waiting. You ARE living it. Enjoy it! Fall in love with it! Enjoy seeing it grow everyday into something even more beautiful than you could have ever dreamed of! Your Dreams are coming true each day and each moment. Moments that YOU are LIVING right now.