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Hey Honey,

Okay, so this happened a couple of months ago and I have had lots of people say they miss seeing him in my stories so I thought I would give you the 411.

As you know we have baby number 3 on its way and life is somewhat busy these days. Daniel has taken on a new role at work which means longer hours and I am growing fatter by the day. I felt like we were not giving Sai the attention he needed. As a big dog who needs walking twice a day it was just not possible for us. 

Every day I would arrive home anxious for what he might have ripped up this time.

My main purpose for writing this is not to explain why but explain that in life you have to make big calls. Both myself and Daniel sit down on the regular and see what we need to shift and work on to take out the stress of our lives and to make sure we are doing everything we can to live a filling and excellent life. Sometimes this means removing some stuff from our world.

If you don’t remove things from your world every now and then you will end up carrying too much. Your load will be too wide you won't be able to fit through new doors that are opening for you.

Sai was right for us when we brought him and for the 2years we had him BUT I really believe that we are not placed on this earth to collect everything along the way and hold onto everything.

Some things are just meant for us to hold onto for a season and then let go of that thing or someone. If we hold onto these things past their time of benefiting our world, we are just adding weight and that’s tiring. Don’t get me wrong there are things and people in our world that I believe will always bring value to us but sometimes we need to know when to let go of the things that no longer do. This, my girl, includes friendships.

We have to let go of some friendships in our world. History is not enough. It's not about cutting them off in a hurtful and mean way but simply just giving each other the freedom and room to find new friends buy letting your friendship go with a grateful heart of what it once brought to your world.

Yes, rehoming Sai was a very tough decision for us. Were we doing the right thing by our kids? By us? By our pride…. Many tears were shed over making this call and it wasn’t easy. Most of all it was hard seeing Daniel so upset as he thought he had failed. I personally think he is the strongest man I know for doing that for our family. Making a big call even though it made him extremely uncomfortable. It has allowed us to make room for the new. Its allowed us to go away more and spend time with family that lives further away. It has removed stress and pressure on our marriage and brought us even closer than it did before. We are growing together and that's epic! If I am honest our number one disagreement was over Sai and that’s not okay when something or someone starts to come in-between your relationships. Don't wait for it to feel pain-free before you remove it. Just because it hurts to let go doesn't mean you should keep it. Dreams never come true in your confortzone so get uncorfortable.

Anyway, I hope that by this blog you understand in life we have to make the tough calls so we are able to then walk forward in freedom to do even better than we once did. Keep evaluating. You will make to make lots of cuts in your life, throughout your life and some will take longer to do than others but never stop having a standard on the quality of life you want to live. However, be careful and make these calls with Grace, strength, humility, and kindness.

I am always thinking and praying for you.

A x