Your fab & your truths, fab.


Hi Honey, I have missed you.

Hmmm, the past. The stuff that people find hard to talk about and can hold onto. The stuff people play the victim their whole life with or the stuff that people let shape and grow their character.

I guess you have the power.

I see too many people walking in fear, lack of confidence, crippled with insecurities or are just plain cynical and end up hurting other people because of what has happened to them instead of choosing to let it make them better and moving past it.

I know its harder said than done that’s why I also want to touch on how to move pass past hurts.

I think the one thing people get wrong is thinking that they can just ‘ forget about it’. It's not going to happen. You can never and will never just be able to forget things that have happened to you. Life doesn’t work like that. Your heart and soul were not designed to just brush things off. You are designed with such intelligence that you are able to process hurts and then move forward holding strength in both arms.

You are strong enough. So process them. Deal with them. Heal from them. Confront them. Yes, I am even talking about the something that happened to you 10years ago that still affects you. Deal with it now…. Be aware it might involve forgiving someone. Hard. I know but it will bring you freedom.

Just because you are dealing with it now doesn’t mean you are living in your past and not walking in your future. People have this mindset to only look forward and never look back. I personally think this only applies when you have DELT and HEALED from your past. Otherwise, you tell me how one is ever meant to move forward?Maybe it's about sitting down with someone that you respect and is removed from the situation in a space you feel safe and just running through how you have been hurt. Or maybe you have insecurities and you can’t seem to pinpoint how they have steamed. Everything starts with something so there will be a root of every issue its just about sitting down and talking it through and being real so you can just unravel some stuff. It seems tough and such a hectic task to do but why would you not go through some hard conversations to change your future.

(If you are the person someone comes to talk through some hurts it's important you listen and give them the time. It can change their entire world.)

Some things have happened to me that I wish upon no one BUT I can honestly say that I walk in freedom today. Part of it is because I serve a God who is greater than me and who can hold my burdens for me, he has completely changed my world and blessed me more than I deserve. However, part of it is being okay with dealing with my ‘stuff ‘or my ‘baggage'

I will never try and walk around saying everything is perfect because that’s not the truth. Everyone has stuff but the difference with people’s stuff is how they choose to deal with it.

I remember a moment so clear when I was standing in my biological dad’s funeral with 100 questions he will never be able to answer on why he was never there for me. There was a moment where his body was lying there in the front of the room and they were singing one last song and I remember thinking how am I going to move past this? How am I going to choose to step outside of this room? I chose to walk in freedom and let go of the questions. Because if I’m honest with myself I know the answers already and I am not going to let my past hurt me any longer. I want this messed up situation to add to my character and make me stronger not poison me for all my days to come.

I now get messages from girls most weeks asking me how to deal with being abandoned by someone they love. I can speak into their lives and teach them their worth is far greater than anyone can ever show them. That they are so loved and needed no matter what people’s actions have one proved otherwise.

You play the victim; you will be the only one suffering my girl.

It's time to move forward and start living the short life we do have. Don’t leave it too late! It’s a new year and its time to really deal with some stuff! 

♡You want to apply for that dream job but someone once said you weren’t good enough to go for? Deal with it. Know you are the best person for the job and go and apply!

♡You want to speak to that boy but someone once told you-you aren’t pretty enough? Deal with it, know your beautiful! GO AND GET HIM!

♡You want to start that blog but you don’t have that many followers? Stuff the followers the people that follow you are more important and even if you reach 1 person it is worth it! Deal with it! Start it!

♡You are scared to wear that bright lipstick because you feel like you don’t suit it but you really want to? Deal with it! GET IT ON, YOU SUIT IT!

♡Don’t want to talk a selfie because you don’t think your face is good enough? Know you are perfectly and wonderfully made. Deal with it and get that camera out girl!

♡Want to move countries but you are worried you won't make any friends? Find that confidence. Know you’re a great friend to have. Deal with it and MOVE!

♡Always living in fear so never doing anything? You wernt  born with a spirit of fear. Deal with it and start achieving some epic stuff!

♡Always waiting for the perfect time to start something but really you know you're just scared of failing. Know that there is never a bad decision and we will grow from our failures. Deal with it and go get it!!!!

I am always praying for you.

Sending you love,

A x