Your fab & your truths, fab.


Hey, Honey

I can’t count the number of times someone has bagged social media OR used social media as an easy example to explain the definition of fake.

This is disappointing not just for the reason that social media plays a big part in my world but also because I have seen how it can affect and consume their world with bitterness and being judgmental. It's normally the people complaining about how ‘social media is so fake’ and it’s the ‘highlight reel of everyone’s life’ OR ‘you can’t tell someone’s happiness by a photo’ OR ' they are just getting paid to say that' that are consumed with it the most.

All though the above statements can be true, they are also a very broad accusation to everyone's truth.

Social media might be controlling these haters life more than the people they are actually judging.

The point is. Yes, social media CAN be fake. BUT social media can also be very REAL.

Social media can also bring comfort and healing to peoples world.

YOU choose who you follow on the gram. YOU choose who you let impact your world. Instead of making yourself just as bad as the negative influences that you judge over social media start following the right people.

Use your wisdom and make changes to your social media instead of boxing it into the ‘it's all fake box’. You are in control, so do something about it. Conversations after conversations with people complaining about it will not change it. Click unfollow girlfriend! You got the power!

Sure, my photos are all happy photos so it might just be the highlight reel BUT would you put a photo of yourself crying on your social media? I don't think you would. Below image for reference. 

You have to be secure in yourself to know that all people have very bad days but they also have very GOOD days and exciting days and people will ALWAYS share these good days and it doesn't mean they are hiding their bad days.

Maybe it's more about you, becoming more secure in who YOU are and what YOU know is true. Falling in love more with your life so you can start enjoying other peoples success while staying firm in your truth.

Maybe it's about your personal control…. You should never be finding your worth in social media in the first place. If it was stripped from you, you should still be holding ALL your truth and ALL your happiness.

I wanted to share this thought because I think we talk too much about the fake side of social media and not enough of the amazing side. The side where it brings people together!

I have met some of my closest friends through social media. I have been my most inspired through social media. Things that have totally changed my life. I don’t care if it's not face-to-face conversations. They are still real conversations. As a mum, I love to see other mums doing their thing and sharing their experiences or sometimes it's about seeing that they have a massive washing pile that's as big as mine.  I love seeing what people are getting up to. Every day via social media I am saturated with all them happy times!! I want them to share it that way I can celebrate that with them not be jealous. I don't want their life I want my life. I love watching people grow from the other side of the world. I love seeing people traveling the world and having that adventure they have always dreamed of. I have connected with people from all countries and learned so much about different lifestyles and cultures one can have. 

Just because I love social media does not mean my real face- to face- contact and conversations are lacking. They have actually grown. 

The difference is my worth is not getting lost in social media.  I have chosen to follow people who I LOVE and people who I look up to. It's healthy and its OK. I just don’t find my worth in them.

I hope that this changes your mindset on social media…. Set yourself free from bitterness and from complaining. It is putting a damper on all the good things there is to be thankful for.

Go, write down all the things you stand for and believe in. All the things that make you passionate and build you up to be the powerful, needed, talented, cherished and loved the person that you have been called to be... Then go on your gram and unfollow all the people who do not aline with these things and follow the people who do. Enjoy the space of socail media let it impact your world for the better.

Sending you guys so much love always and good social media vibes baby!