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 Hey Honey,

Okay SO! Smith and Caugheys have this warm and inviting FREE service that’s been running for over 30YEARS! Think a big beautiful room with displays. Someone personally helping you whenever you need answering all your questions and even helping you decided if you can't pick between, while they make you feel so at home. The Ladies that work in the registry team are so down to earth. I met up with Anthea who overseas this team and I wanted to  pack her up in my bag and take her home with me

I think one of the biggest miss understanding with us and Smith and Caughey's is we think it's a big department store full of expensive items for millionaires. We are so wrong. I was blown away by the diversity in prices.

They have the best of both worlds. Not everything is crystal.

You can create a registry for ANY occasion. You can make one up! ( speaking of this we should celebrate more small victories in our world ) There is no wrong celebration gf. Oh and how about this... you can be anywhere in the world!!! How cool is this???

Guys, I love working with Smith and Caughey's because they are so generous. They actually care about people and making their experience special. So much so that they give you a gift if your registry actively goes over $100!

To top it off its free delivery and you can swap and change anything through the process if you change your mind on something. Basically, it's relaxed. It's beautiful and its all for YOU. They are there to serve YOU.

Now for the exciting part! As you know I am having my 3rd baby in just short of 5 weeks ( CRAZY) I got offered a baby shower hosted by Smith and Caughey's in their beautiful building, however, I have decided that I would loooooove to gift it to one of you. Someone who really needs it.

You will have an intimate catered high tea at the café located on level 2 of Smith and Caughey's called Bite with 9 of your close friends one Sunday afternoon of your choice in September ( um okay AMEN).

Listen it gets better... Each of your friends will receive a gift personally picked by Smith and Caughey's along with a visit from ME!!!! and maybe my new little baby ( if you will have me of course). I will spend some time with you just hanging out and taking all things baby and life before your new adventure.

If this doesn’t sound good enough you will also have Anthea ( the incredible lady I was telling you about in paragraph one) help you will set up your very own registry before the date so that if your girls wish to buy you a treat they can.

Below are a few items I would add to my baby shower registry just to inspire:

Beanie & Bootie Set $26.90☆

Babu- Merino Bundler Sleep Sack- $49.99☆

Contemporary Merino Blanket- $225 ☆

Boody Baby- Stretch Jersey Wrap $44.90 ☆


Babu- Bassinet Sheet Set $95.00 ☆


Make sure you are Following me, Following Smith and Caughey's and tag a friend on my Instagram post linked to this blog, who you know deserves this beautiful baby shower and give a sort explanation words why. Goodluck winner will be announced Friday and I Can’t wait to meet you!!!

A x