Your fab & your truths, fab.


Hi Honey, 

Lately, we have been having lots of break-ins around our area. I feel like it is every day I am hearing a new story. It seriously meant that my days and nights were controlled by my fear of what if we are next.

It left me feeling tired and anxious. I had enough. I refuse to live my life in fear. In any area.

It was thinking that a lot of you might be living in fear? Fear that you are not good enough. Fear of what people will think. Fear of failure, rejection.

Fear will cripple your world and your dreams.

You have to stop. Today. I mean this. I pray as you are reading this right now that chains are broken from your life and you feel a sense of freedom over your dreams and body again. No more will you be a prisoner to fear.

Don’t let it be until you have wasted many many years living in fear till you allow yourself to conquer it.

Fear can also be a major lead in anxiety. We get anxiety because we are fearful. I know too many people who don’t live each day how they should because they are crippled with anxiety.

Some of the coolest people I know and people who I think are beyond talented and could seriously change the world are stopped in their tracks by anxiety!!!! They Cancel that big meeting they have been waiting for their whole career because they are anxious. They are so fearful of not being good enough. Yet we look at them and think they are more than good enough... 

I have friends who are basically supermodels and they are crippled with anxiety because they are so fearful of not being pretty enough. Or they hate parts of their Body that I love.

My one piece of advice would be: A huge part of being fearful is because we compare ourselves too much to other people’s journeys. Stay in your own lane DO not compare yourself to the next chicky babe next to you. It WILL NOT add up! Your journey is your journey for a reason. Its made just for you. you are capable to live it.

Here’s the catch. Don't hold your journey lightly,  It can only be fulfilled if you live it the way you are created to live it. wholeheartedly, passionately, confidently it needs to be lived 100% by the person who was created for the role. You can not have a part-time CEO. Fear and anxiety are not part of this journey. They are poison when it comes to living your journey and completing your dreams.

I have a song for you that could be really powerful in your turnaround. It’s a song that a guy wrote for his wife who struggled hugely with Anxiety. He wanted her to have a song that she could sing and remember Gods promises for her ( don’t run away just because I said, God). Its called PEACE and its written by Hillsong- Young and Free. When I heard it I thought of all the girls who don’t have peace in their life and how you should. Yes, its written in a Christian context but even if you don’t have faith it will still impact your world and has truths in their that I really believe will help you. Listen to the words and don’t live with fear anymore.

There is a peace far beyond our understanding and we are promised it.

Love you heaps!

A x