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Hey Honey,

Holy heck my body is stretching for the 3rd time.

Well, it was very much planned! When we first talked about it Goldie was 6months old. We had some best friends getting married December 2nd, 2017 and Daniel turned to me and said on that wedding night lets start creating the next member of our family. So what do you know the 2nd of December rolls around and what love making it was can I just say!! The doctor said we conceived on the 5th of December so didn’t take long for our magic to melt together.

It’s a busy house as it is and with 2 kids + a dog running around not to mention all the adult bills that no one tells you about! There are days where we look at each other and think how the heck are we going to do a 3rd but I just know that’s what we are called to do. I was born to have kids young.

Can we just talk about how I will have 2 kids under 2? Like double pushchair? You will never see me in small cafes HA.

I think a mother is equipped for her child. They are the best person in this whole universe that can meet those child’s needs and that blows my mind. On that note, if you are a mother and you are reading this and you are struggling to not lose yourself in the journey and you feel overwhelmed on what stunt the ratbag is going to pull next. Can I just encourage you to this very fact; you are equipped for your child. You will never be given anything you can not handle and I pray that you feel strong and unlifted knowing you are doing such an awesome job even when you feel like you are not. Keep taking each day as it comes and make time to get out of the house!

I feel so incredibly honored and thankful that I have not struggled to have my kids. I have friends and know people who find it challenging to grow their family but what I can say to that is their journey will grow their character and when they do have that miracle ( which they will, however, that may look) they will be even more equipped to do such an epic job. I am so excited for them.

I have moments where I wonder if 3 will affect our marriage. Will it be too full on? Will we argue more than we already do? Will we miss communicate more because we are too busy with everything else that is going on? Daniel has always said we come first before the kids. We have to make time for each other as we were the originals and will be the last at the party when the kids leave the nest. In his words “Babe, If we are good our kids will be good” So when I do have those moments on "will it affect us" I am reminded that its simple. We come first.

This August we will be welcoming another love into our life. Into the kid's life. Huey is the most amazing big brother to Goldie. The love they have for each is out of this world. He looks after her. I am thankful he has graced us with an easy transition from 1 to 2.

I sometimes think have I given Goldie enough time as the baby of the family? Have I given her enough time to teach her and hold her before I bring another child into this world? Is she too young to be a big sister? Goldie has learned from Huey on how to be an amazing older sibling so I just know she will be a brilliant, kind and loving big sister. I'll stand in that thought.

So, long story short we are so very excited to extend our family with all the cahlenges, love, laughter, tears and the enivitable under eye bags it will bring!

I can’t wait to find out what we are having.


A x