Your fab & your truths, fab.


Hi Honey,

I've always had an urge for adventure and a desire to travel and get lost in other countries. I would seriously pack my bags tomorrow and ship the whole family to the other side of the world.

I found myself thinking about traveling and ‘what’s to come’ all day. I would always think whats next. However, I would neglect the little moments of every day. I forgot how important they were and how they can hugely impact and fulfill my adventure cravings.

Cool so I’m craving adventure but adventure can happen right now where I AM. 

I have always looked at other cities and thought there is more happening there and one-day will visit but right now ill just 'wait'...what about my city I am living in now? There are so many more places to eat and to experience until I have the right to say "I’m bored" and I don't have to wait! People pay so much money to come and have their adventures here. Just like a straight haired girl wishes for curly hair, we always want what we don't have. 

It made me think; many of you might be wishing for the next season to come, but how about not taking the season you are in for granted and start embracing it? How about making the most of the situation you are in? How about making the most of the city you are in? How about investing into the friendship’s you have now not the friendships that will come? How about working hard at the job you are in now instead of spending your days wishing you were in your dream job. How about slowing down so you can feel the full benefits of what your season has to offer.

When you focus on being present in the season you have been handed comparison to others will not make sense anymore because you realise that the girl next to you is in a different season. You are not meant to be achieving what she is achieving. Focus on your own path and whats best for YOUR season. Not hers.

Imagine all the memories we could create, all the joy and contentment we could feel while climbing big mountains and conquering big giants if we started enjoying and being present in our seasons.

There is no season wasted…. It's in THIS season you grow. It's in THIS season that you become equipped to take on the next season. Running away or skipping seasons would be fatal for your future. Be planted and water the grass you already have beneath your feet.

There's power and JOY with being present and invested in YOUR season. Remember you will never stay in the same season so learn what you need to learn don't miss important opportunities.

Now go, enjoy this life and everything your city & season has to offer!!!

Sending you so much love,