Your fab & your truths, fab.


This morning I was on a morning walk with Goldie girl and could not help but notice all the people surrounding me… do you ever look at other people and think they have a whole different life like yours with their own set of friends, family, problems and adventures. They seem so close to your world yet so far away right?They will most likely know someone you know and if they don’t they will have a friend that knows someone you do. Which brings me to the point of being wise with your words as this world is a small one.

Our tongue has the power of life and death. Your words can uplift someone’s world or destruct someone’s world. The words you speak over people can have the power to stick with them for the rest of their life.

I know some girls that battle every single day with negative words that were once spoken over them. They have let these words shape their character. These untruthful words have defined them. All from one person who didn’t know the power of their words.

Gossip. It's evil and will never have your back. Don’t be that girl who talks about other people's lives because one day you will get burnt and people will be able to see your scares. Like breaking someone’s trust. That’s sore and a hard one to come back from.

We have been taught not to care but people think or say about you. BUT WE ALL DO! IT HURTS!! FULL STOP. Because you and I both know if it was the other way around and someone was talking about you and you had the chance you might just whack them on the head with your brother's cricket bat (I’m not evening joking I would do this) ( I’m joking relax)

It is so sad because in this world it's so simple to gossip but maybe we need to get more confident in ourselves and in our chat with people and stop trying to gossip just for the fact of ‘fitting in’ or ‘being cool’ or making our success feel more worthy. Why the heck do we think that if we talk about someone else in a hurtful bitter way or someone else’s failures to someone that that person will like us more???? Or why does it even make us feel better??? It's screwed up and weak. I believe gossiping is a BIG red flag that we have some insecurity going on under that skin of ours. Let’s look at ourselves first before we bring other people down. Yeah? Amen?

LUKE 12:3 What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight and what you have whispered in the ear of the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.

Seen as your words can bring life. Bring life and bring it big time!!! Just as much as words can harm they can bring so much healing.

All we really want in this life is to love and be loved in return. We want to be accepted for who we so start accepting other people more and that starts with no gossiping.

Don’t be that girl. You are better than that and called for greater things.

A xx