Your fab & your truths, fab.


Woman are incredible. Every time I have a baby I am reminded of how darn amazing women are!!!!

Not to mention dealing with our whole body's changing while growing a baby. Our emotions and hormones go so wild it's hard to tame them & then after to top it off it feels like down there has been stretched to Africa and back.

Let's put aside growing babies and becoming a mother, which might I add we were chosen to do... why? because we are STRONG! I believe we are the strongest human beings on this earth. A woman's strength is unique and special. A woman's strength holds things other strengths can't hold. We carry the world on our shoulders with such grace.

I'm writing this post to remind all you girls that 2017 is the year you find your strength and know it. So many women don't realize how powerful their strength is and it saddens me…. Because the things a woman can achieve when she realizes she's strong is endless. You know what they say... You can't touch a woman who can wear pain like the grandest of diamonds around her neck. I have been through abuse, heartbreak, rejection, disappointment after disappointment, loss, crippling pain body, mind, and soul BUT do you know what proves to me women are strong? That fact that I am still standing!!! I am still here and I am actually happy! Even after the dark nights where I thought my world was sinking and everything was falling apart around me... I made it! I am still learning and climbing the mountain of life but at least I'm still climbing! Because I know I have the strength to get through.

I think there is such pressure on us to do it all. To keep everyone happy, to be on top of everything… to be liked by all & every time we get emotional about something someone asks us if we are due for our period!!!??? ( MAYBE WE JUST FEEL THINGS) ( MAYBE WE ARE JUST PROCESSING OUTLOUD) ( OR MAYBE WE ARE JUST BEING REAL?) OR the pressure to wear makeup because if we don't 100% every time someone will tell us that we look tired or pale ( seriously give a girl a break ) I am so sure there will be a million other pressures you guys can add to that list. It's hard…. It's draining… I know BUT we are in this together and have to awake to the fact that we do NOT need to be conformed to any of these things. No label will define you and no label will ever be able to outdo your strength.

I know I have been rambling on but I am SO passionate about you finding your strength. Where ever you are reading this blog post walk away knowing your strength can never be shaken. Let's promise to never underestimate our strength again. No situation will EVER be able to knock it. You are a warrior! Fight a good fight. Your strength is powerful and no one else as one like yours. It's an explosion of hope to others.

We all need to pull together and remind each other that we are a team! A team of STRONG passionate woman who can get through ANYTHING and accomplish ANYTHING.

Hold your strength with Grace and purity. Protect it as its worth more than Gold. Let no one steal it from you honey, your strength is yours.

Can I get an Amen?