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Why Happy New Year Honey,

Below are the questions some of you asked to be answered on my blog. I have answered them as honestly and raw as possible.

What did you do before you were a full-time Mum? I worked full time which I loooooved! I adored the social/ routine aspect of working. I do one day want to go back to working full time.

How did you come up with the names of your cute children? Houston is named after my Fathers Dad which is weird as it seems like such a modern name right? My little sister also has Houston as her middle name. Daniel named our baby girl. Goldie Grace is named after a Maori New Zealand artist called C.F. Goldie and the Grace part after my Mum as it's her middle name. Daniels Mother's name also means "full of grace"

What do you think are the most important qualities your significant other must have? He has to have a faith, good morals, know who he is and where he stands in this crazy world. He must also have a sense of humor and a willingness to put himself aside at times so he can serve others.
What was the easiest birth Huey or Goldie? They were both so different and hard in their own way.. Houston's was 3 hours and very straight forward, but I wasn't in a good place in my life and was so unstable with my emotions. I was scared of looking after a little baby. My parents lived in Europe at the time and I knew I only had my mum to help me for 2 weeks until she would fly home. Everything was unknown. This was all playing on my mind while giving birth which made it more draining and unsettling...With Goldie's birth, I waited in the hospital for over 48hours after my water broke before anything even happened... Then when my contractions started it was 15 hours later I meet my Goldie girl. Hard hard hard work! However, in saying all this I was a lot calmer this time around as she was a planned baby. I had my husband holding my hand tight the whole entire time along with my Mum, and 2 of my incredible friends. Emotionally it was easier but physically harder.

Co-parenting tips!!!!!? Stay firm in knowing the child is the focus and priority ALWAYS no matter what. Your petty little arguments will slowly become not important. You can not ride every emotion that the other parent chucks at you otherwise you will just go around in circles with each other. You are a team so be a good one.

How do you maintain a good relationship with Houstons dad and does him seeing other people or getting married ever affect it? I touched on it in the above question. You have to realize parenting is a team thing and the child is the focus. Always. Houstons Dad and I have had to learn that it's not about us anymore. We made a decision to no longer be together but that doesn't take away from us being parents to Houston. We have to put our differences aside. No, it doesn't bother me that he sees other people. I am happy for him and know he will make the right decision on the woman he lets come into Houston's life and influence him.

What are your recommendations for major baby items or anything you have found handy? Solly Baby Wrap Bugga Boo Stroller...Expensive but worth it. I have used it for both my kids. There are so many different attachments you can add to make it versatile to any age or amount of kids. Moses Basket... you can take it anywhere!!! Both my children have slept in this as their bassinet. Weleda Nappy Rash Cream So dreamy, natural and actually works! Noah & Bowie Baby Wraps. They are soo amazing! They wrap super tight because of the spandex in them and you can use them as a blanket as well. Also they are a New Zealand brand and I'm all about that. Love To Dream Swaddle Sack from Baby City Find a good Baby Bag! You will be caring this sucker around every day and you need to make sure it works for you. Mine is from Country Road. It is simple plain black, big and has lots of pockets.

I have always wondered how do you stay connected to your faith? I stay connected because I need God. Without him, I would drown in the weight of this world. God comes before all else, nothing equates to him. He sustains me and I find hope and rest in him. He keeps me grounded.

What inspires you in terms of your fashion and style? When it comes to style I believe you should have no fear! If you think it works then it works. Rock it and be confident. Don't follow the crowds and " it trends". I love the saying: Style is not based on brand but how you put things together.

How old are you? I am 23 and loving it.

Where did you get Goldie's dummy? It's called the Goldi Sauger and it's from Nature BabyDo you breastfeed Goldie and if yes what is your experience with it? Yes, I have breastfed both my kiddies. I found both H and GG hard for the first little while as my nipples went completely raw and started bleeding. In the first two weeks the first 60 seconds of feeding KILLED ME! Made me so anxious before each feed. BUT I pushed through and now it's a breeze, and I love the connection it brings. Breastfeeding also forces me to slow down as you tend to sit and feed.

What do you think about the pressure that is put on girls with ' breast is best'? If when it comes to you breastfeeding and you find it too stressful and hard to the point that it's affecting your mothering then bottle feeding your baby is ok. There is plenty of babies in the world that were bottle fed only and they have turned out perfectly fine!!

SIDE NOTE: As a Mum you are always going to have other people's opinions put on you as everyone is an 'expert'. But remember, everyone parents differently and you have to be confident in knowing what is best for your child.

If you won 10million dollars what would you do and who would you take? I'll tell you when I win it.

Do you use any editing apps and what they are? I use an editing app called VSCO every time. Having a good editing app will change your world because let's be honest photos suck without a good old filter.

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: If you are using the filters straight from Instagram STOP its a sin!

Where did you buy your gorgeous silver H ring? Huffer

How did Dan propose? Well. It was sooo natural! We were taking Houston for walk a long Howick beach and Daniel took me down to the rocks and popped the question. I might also add that the ring was way to small but I made him SHOVE it on me haha! I couldn't get it off unless a whole bottle of soap was used! We then walked back home and made dinner like normal. No fuss and that's how I dreamt it.

Did you have a wedding planner for your wedding? Yes, our wedding was on the bigger side and also was on a private property on Waiheke so a planner was most definitely needed. #StuffOrganisingThatMyself!

What is your perception of happiness? When you feel comfortable in your own skin... Knowing your whole truth and being safe with the fact that you were knitted perfectly together in your mother's womb by God for a purpose which makes you so loved, wanted and NEEDED in this world. That brings me true happiness.

Remember you are beautiful, powerful, smart, wise, LOVED, cherished, thought of, wanted and needed.

Believe it, remember it and go get em, girl!


A xx

Goldie's Birth Video