Your fab & your truths, fab.


To my Honeys,

Excuse the spelling and typos I have these stupid fake nails on and it makes it impossible to type ANYTHING! But they look good so what the heck. I actually didn't mean to make the next blog post a 'inspo' one but I think it's a topic that so many can take from at the moment. Let's all grab our coffees and do this…

I feel like there is always something to stress about in life or feel anxious about!!!!!! You guys feeling me?? It's those times where you feel like you have everything sorted and under control with your ‘to-dos' or finances but then you are crushed with 50 tons of bricks and something else comes up that you need to sort OR here's a good one- your car won't pass its WOF because it needs a whole new set of bloody tyres!!!!! JUST when you feel like you are getting on top of your money. Everyone likes to spend money they don't have on brand new beautiful tyres, said no one ever! So here you are set back with your money again. Feels so typical.

Life needs to get some new tricks as it always seems to unfold like this. It causes stress and anxiety as we are always waiting for the next thing to go wrong.

I am SO SICK of riding every emotion that we create out of situations and big deals that may not even be a big deal or can be easily fixed but we are busy drowning from the last ‘big deal'.

When will I learn that everything works out in the end???

Can you remember what all of your biggest stresses were last year?? NO, because they all do work out and even if they are still following/bugging you now I bet you have learned how to deal with this matter better than having a meltdown. Girls, Meltdowns do not solve anything. Trust me I have tried multiple times. I am talking about the meltdowns where you say things you don't mean and blame everyone else apart from yourself. Crying it out is so fabulously ok but it is important we pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. I'm preaching to myself on this blog post and really just trying to calm myself down over here (ATM Huey is crying because the dog is not playing with him… that's my background noise…. & Out of the corner of my eye I can see the mud Sai has brought in from outside. Stay calm Abby stay CALM) So yes, we got a dog just before our baby is due. GREAT IDEA ABBY AND DANIEL. Let me rephrase that… we got a dog when we didn't have a proper gate/fence up. Wait no, let me rephrase that again… we got a smart (knows how to get out of any gap/hole even if his 10times the size and can bite metal gates along with his lead in 2 seconds, clingy dog that loves to be by yours side every second and you can't leave at home or he has a meltdown and ruins everything type of dog. We actually own a horse and it's stressing me OUT! Not so much the fact we have the dog because Sai has brought so much joy to our family already and has got me walking and outdoors more than I have ever done in my whole life. Houston also has become so confident with animals and stopped being so precious about germs.. for example, Mudd-he seriously would never step outside if it's been raining type of kid. He has got SO MUCH BETTER after having Sai around. Houston will now happily run outside on the grass in bare feet and is a little bit more carefree. So for that… I am grateful.

But if you know me you know I like to have everything perfectly in place all the time. I don't like to live in the grey…. I don't like unresolved situations. I like to know the outcome of everything. I for sure do not live the YOLO life and will never. I feel safe when there is a plan in place and comfortable when I know exactly where I will end up. 8am of each day I will know what the game plan is. My calendar is all booked in advanced… It's good to live like this and be organized but also it is important we learn to be OK with living in the grey and just letting situations play out and trusting that it will work out. I reckon its character building….

It is character building because it teaches us to stay calm and joyful (this is a big one, stress makes everyone so grumpy) even when we don't feel like it. Remember know your truth… it will help you with this as well- Back to Sai, lately every time I go out most of the time just for an hour or so I will come home to him waiting at the front door as he has escaped our backyard some way or the other…. I feel so ANXIOUS turning into our driving wondering what mess I am going to have to deal with next. So then I take it out on my poor hubby and expect him to be superman and fly over and fix everything all at once and not care how much it will cost. Chuck it on the credit card mate because I can't deal!!!! (On that point real quick everything is SO EXPENSIVE!??? Man…. Money holds such a power over emotions as well) Or the maybe just takes Sai to work with you and never bring him home type of comments…. These comments are SO NOT NEEDED and don't solve anything. They just add fuel to the fire that's already burning blazing Honey. We don't mean these comments- We are just voicing because we are letting the stress of the situation control our words! I LOVE Sai and would never want him living somewhere else. It's because I don't know how to live in the grey and I don't know how just relax when things are not quite going to plan.

My point is under all this mumbling

It's true, whether you like it or not we carry stress and you will most likely always will. Your life will ALWAYS have grey areas… not everything will be black and white. I can not stress how important it is to learn how to deal with our stress otherwise everything will become a burden when it doesn't deserve to be a burden. It's creating heaviness that is not needed. Don't allow it to be just one thing after the other. We can't control everything that will come charging our way but we can control how we react when they hit us in the face.

Baby number 2 is weeks or (even days away it feels) and I still have a dog that gets out of the gate every time I go to leave the house BUT like Daniel said to be last night after 50million meltdowns; Babe, we are doing the best job we can and taking one step at a time… and it's true… We are doing the best job we can and I am being a damn good mum while I juggle everything else in life and it's important we focus on that!!! If this baby number 2 comes now or once we have fixed the gates it won't change how loved and cherished she will be. Weather we have had limited sleep the night before she arrives or a full night sleep it doesn't matter. OR weather its been pay day and we have more than $10 bucks in our account or not It will all work out…. "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself, each day has enough trouble of its own." – MATTHEW 6:34

It's the same for all you girls reading this that may have a stressful situation playing out in your world and you feel like you are still drowning from the last issue. Know this, you are doing the BEST YOU CAN!!!! YOU ARE DOING A DAMN GOOD JOB at this thing we call life. You ARE rocking it! Lets minus the meltdowns and start finding the freedom within living in the grey.

Enjoy life, embrace it while you stay firm knowing it will all work out. I promise. Remember you are beautiful, powerful, smart, wise, LOVED, cherished, thought of, wanted and needed.

Believe it, remember it and go get em, girl!


A xx