Your fab & your truths, fab.


Hey hey Honey, I have had so many girls come to me asking how to stay true to yourself in a world where people are so judgemental. It brings me to the point I am so passionate about & remind myself on daily.

Know Your Truth. Know your truth every single day, all day. Know your truth in the storms and in the calm waters or you will drown.

What do I mean by knowing your truth? I mean know what you stand for! Know who you are! If you don’t know what you stand for now. Find out… Prioritise making the time to find your truth. Find out what you believe in… From what sets your heart on fire, to what makes you tick. In between them, you will find your hidden treasures. Honey, people will speak things over your life that might not be truths and you need to be able to tell the difference.

My incredible friend Hayley once spoke on ‘Glory’ at a church service. She explained WHY humans are not created for the glory in life only God is. Hayley touch deeper into this & said that the weight of it is simply too heavy for humans to carry.

Definition of Glory: Something that is a source of honor, fame, or admiration; a distinguished ornament or an object of pride

Glory must be earned! When you earn something it comes with responsibility and humans are not made to be able to handle this reasonability.

We will always crumble at the pressure.....

People always mean well by glorifying your achievements, in other words being encouraging, but what I think happens is we get greedy and lean on the acceptance of other people. We live for the glorification. To be honest I think this speaks to everyone. If you looked closer you will find there are parts of your life that you only do to please others.  Even maybe for other peoples acceptance over you or your worthiness. We begin to put a pressure on ourselves to live up to the standard that other people have set over us.

Its like roll on affect…By knowing your truth it takes away the insecurity of always wanting to do right by people which will take away the need for glorification. People pleasing will go out the door and you will learn to be firm in what you know is right in your own heart.

If you don’t know your truth you will question and doubt yourself the whole way through your journey. It will hinder how you influence other people positively because you don’t think you are wise or worthy enough to help people.

If you don’t know your truth, how will you have the confidence to know where you want to end up in life let alone have the ability to achieve your dreams.

Knowing your truth settles you… It allows you to keep calm when things are their toughest. When the trials come flooding in to test your character how will you be able to stand firm if you don’t know your truth?

I have met SO many people who get shaken up about the smallest situations and opinions that other people have spoken over them, OR even their own minds telling them lies. They let other people control their emotions. For me I know, if one person offends me or says something out of line, I now refuse  to let their own bad issues affect my world. It is NOT MY TRUTH!

Sometimes in life, a situation can keep repeating itself  or keep effecting you until you learn to know your truth. What once hurt you and brought you down or affected your whole day will not effect you anymore. Can someone say FREEDOM BABY!!

Enjoy this life that much more Honey and find your truth, hold onto it tight and remind yourself of it every day.

You are beautiful, powerful, smart, wise, LOVED, cherished, thought of, wanted and needed. Believe it, remember it and go get em girl!