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Heya Honey, Generosity: the quality of being kind and generous.

A word we take too lightly and don’t practice enough. I think if we all take a look at ourselves there are areas that we can be more generous in.

I have three areas in life that I think we (myself included) can be more generous with.


Yes, time is so precious and can get away from us but time only gets away from us with things we don’t prioritize.

I know for a fact if I want to make time for something that I want to do because if benefits me I will get it done. For sure.

Something we should prioritize is our time for other PEOPLE. They need us, and after all, we are all doing this thing called life together.

We can all be people who never arrange catch-ups or reach out but are always so fast to say when we haven’t seen someone enough, or complain when we haven’t been invited somewhere… Maybe its time we reach out instead of waiting for everyone else to do it first. Be the person who actually follows through on their “we should get a coffee soon” statement. Lets not be people that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

You have the same amount of hours in your day as Beyoncé.

Don’t glorify business Be generous with your time.


Encouragement, so important, SO SO important.

By encouraging someone you are bringing someone support and to put it simply that’s all sometimes what someone needs!

The times we forget to encourage other people or struggle to are the times where we might have our eyes focused to much on ourselves. I know there are people out there who find it awkward to encourage…. I find that so sad. I find it so sad that you feel uncomfortable to lift someone else up & bring them hope and support…Maybe it’s because the green monster is ruling to many areas of your world. Jealousy, we all feel it. However, we can not always live by our emotions. Let me say that again… we can NOT always live by our emotions. You will feel so much freedom when you learn to not let your emotions rule you.

Encourage people in their victories and in there loses. Encouragement restores people’s confidence and brings hope. It helps people succeed in life.

Supporting other peoples success will never dampen yours.

Be generous with your encouragement.


 By favor I mean anything in your life that you seem to always have blessing over. Some area that you are gifted in. This might be finance, knowledge, humor, kindness, hospitality, communication. What ever it is be generous with it.

We need to start setting each other up to win in life.

If you are financially doing well then share that with others by helping people who are less fortunate than you.

If you are good with making people feel welcome in your home, then invite people into your home and under your roof and bless them.

If you are good with communication, communicate with people and give people the time with conversations some people won’t have with them/have the energy for.

If you are known for being kind. Spread your kindness like wild fire to people you know AND people you don’t know. Make a concious effort to reach out in kindness.

If you have a good sense of humour make more people laugh! Bringing laughter to peoples day is such a blessing. I always say laughter is good for the soul.

If people have told you, you light up every room you walk into’ walk into more rooms.

You get my drift…

We need to stop being so selfish with our favor and blessing and start sharing it with people. You will get abundantly more blessing in return.

Be generous with your favor. Always.

So there you have it. Three areas we can all be more generous with. Let’s do it together

A xx