Hi Honey,

I've always had an urge for adventure and a desire to travel and get lost in other countries. I would seriously pack my bags tomorrow and ship the whole family to the other side of the world.

Sooo this is an interview with the most incredible lady, My mum Bridget.  She is someone who helped shape me into who I am today. I can not express how much I look up to her and admire her strength in every area of her life. Mum has been through SO MUCH but walks with grace and carries an indescribable light. Her story is powerful.

 Hi Honey,

Insecurity. It’s a big one. Everyone has one, two or many…. And I am SICK of accepting that it may be the norm.

My question is, why do we have insecurities? Why do we let them control us for years or for some people hang over them their whole life...


This morning I was on a morning walk with Goldie girl and could not help but notice all the people surrounding me… do you ever look at other people and think they have a whole different life like yours with their own set of friends, family, problems and adventures. They seem so close to your world yet so far away right?

Woman are incredible. Every time I have a baby I am reminded of how darn amazing women are!!!!

Not to mention dealing with our whole body's changing while growing a baby. Our emotions and hormones go so wild it's hard to tame them & then after to top it off it feels like down there has been stretched to Africa and back.